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Poetic License: Pantoum of the vitreous floater*

March 8, 2017
By Joe Pacheco , Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

Stranger floating in my eye,

Dancing, prancing side to side,

Looking for a place to hide

Within the jelly deep inside.

Straight across my sight you glide,

Floating stranger in my eye,

Diabolical speck of fly,

Looking for a place to hide.

Implant from the FBI?

Straight across my sight you glide,

A bug to bug me as I write,

Diabolical speck of fly.

Out of sight for hours you lie,

Implant from the FBI,

Then sneak right up again to spy,

To bug and bug me as I write.

Or if some friends are dropping by

Out of sight like a cat you lie,

But when they ask," How goes your eye?"

You spring right up again to spy.

Dancing, prancing, side to side,

A sea horse daring me to ride

Within the jelly deep inside ---

Stranger floating in my eye.

*Floaters -(also called vitreous floaters) Particles that float in the vitreous and cast shadows on the retina; seen as spots, cobwebs, spiders, etc. Occurs normally with aging, after cataract surgery or with vitreous detachment, retinal tears or inflammation.



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