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Poetic License: Deport yourself, it’s later than you think

March 1, 2017
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

Inspiration for Berry van Boekel's

"Deport Yourself"

Deport yourself, it's later than you think,

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Berry van Boekel’s “Deport Yourself.”


Deport yourself, or you'll end up in the clink.

The year's gone by, economy's on the blink

Deport yourself, deport yourself, it's greater than you think.

You've worked at jobs no gringos want, you're always on the go,

To make enough for your family here and the one in Mexico,

But every time you settle down and think you've got it made,

You lose your latest job again to another Migra* raid.

Deport yourself, it's easier than you think,

Deport yourself, stop standing on the brink,

When you're back home, your life will be in synch,

Deport yourself, deport yourself, have a tequila drink.

You'll let our tomatoes go unpicked and rot upon the vine,

There won't be places cheap enough where we can sit and dine,

Our lawns and grounds will go ungroomed, our beds will be unmade,

But you'll be rich in your home town where no one's ever paid.

Deport yourself, your green card's long extinct,

Deport yourself, get back into the pink,

Your wife and kids will either swim or sink,

Deport yourself, deport yourself, it's greater than you think.

*Immigration authorities



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