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Poetic License: 'Chanson Chartreuse (A La Doctor Seuss)'

October 29, 2019 I cannot wear or drink chartreuse Because I’m gander and not goose, As color it is too abstruse Not green nor yellow is chartreuse. more »»

Battle over water, public health returns to Tallahassee

October 22, 2019 After the last prolonged outbreak of red tide and blue-green algae it seemed every politician vowed to “do something. more »»

Lee County Commission passes balanced budget

October 22, 2019 The headlines out of Washington, D.C., are hard to miss. Congress is talking about impeachment, investigations, continuing resolutions and perpetually campaigning. more »»

Blueprint for the upcoming advocacy season

October 22, 2019 The water surrounding the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge looks immeasurably better than it did a year ago. more »»

Rotary Happenings: Refuge staff talks about new 'Ding' exhibit to open

October 22, 2019 Island-wide kick off of social and non-profit fund-raising events are already taking place and there is a boodle of more to come. more »»

Faces on Faith: Freedom's holy light

October 22, 2019 “Long may our land be bright with freedom’s holy ligh. more »»

On the Water: Fishing is good around full moon tides

October 22, 2019 Days leading up to the full moon brought good water movement and extremely high tides. With a week of good weather to go with the tides, fishing reports were on point for the most part. more »»

In The Garden: Gaillardia is like a blanket of sunshine

October 22, 2019 Gaillardia pulchella, gaillardia or blanket-flower is one of our fun Florida natives. It is a colorful flowering plant often found along dunes, coastal areas and roadsides. more »»

Center Stage: 'Rocky Horror Show' perfect Halloween festivities

October 22, 2019 Now hear this! The “Rocky Horror Show” currently playing at the New Phoenix Theatre in Fort Myers has hit the bull’s eye with its sexy balance of spot-on casting, vibrant sets and costumes, and a... more »»

Recipe of the Week: Chicken Scaloppini Marsala with Baby Bello Mushrooms

October 22, 2019 One of Italy’s favorite dishes comes from very humble beginning. more »»

Poetic License: 'Casey on the Mound: October 5, 1941'

October 22, 2019 (4th World Series Game, Ebbets Field, Brooklyn) The outlook was so brilliant for the Brooklyn Nine that day, The score stood four to three with but one inning left to play. more »»

The synergy between cattle ranches, conservation

October 15, 2019 In our recent guest commentary, we discussed the fact Florida Forever is Florida’s premier conservation and recreation lands acquisition program. more »»

Faces on Faith: Opening and closing doors

October 15, 2019 Have you ever stopped to consider how many times each day you open or close a door? I’ve never counted, but I know I open and close the refrigerator door more often than I should! What other doors... more »»

On the Water: October fishing is off to a good start

October 15, 2019 Despite days with extreme high tides and a brisk breeze, fishing reports were still good on the waters around Southwest Florid. more »»

Shell Shocked: On Line Dating

October 15, 2019 If love is blind and marriage is an institution then shouldn’t everyone who gets married live in an institution for the blind? I said this joke to the latest online date I was having cocktails with... more »»

In The Garden: Hurricane palm — a true survivor

October 15, 2019 The hurricane palm (Dictyosperma) is a superior survivor in the face of high winds and punishing hurricane conditions, which earned it its nicknam. more »»

Center Stage: 'Finding Neverland' is one for the books

October 15, 2019 Recently I watched an entire audience get sprinkled with the enchanted pixie dust of live theater and get turned into kids again, during the opening night performance of “Finding Neverland” at the... more »»

Recipe of the Week: Caesar Salad with Roasted Garlic Dressing and Crostini

October 15, 2019 One of America’s favorite salads, the Caesar salad is a delicious blend of flavors. I like to serve it with Italian pickled white anchovies and fresh focaccia croutons. Serves eight. more »»

Poetic License: 'Don’t Pat Me Down'

October 15, 2019 (To the tune of “Don’t Fence Me In” and found in “Sanibel Joe’s Songbook”) Oh give me miles, frequent miles, Let me fly the skies above — Don’t pat me down, Let me wander over yonder Just to see... more »»

Natural resource policy update from SCCF

October 8, 2019 The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation was honored to host U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Col. Andrew Kelly, Lt. Jennifer Reynolds and her incoming replacement Lt. Todd Polk on Aug. more »»



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